Woodworking Projects To Sell

Finding the right woodworking ideas to add to your collection is the hardest part. Once that happens you need to put them into perspective with your skill level. You may not have as many advanced ideas as you would like. And it’s alright! It can be fun to start out with some simple projects. Look around your room, whole house or garage and make note of the projects that appeal to you the most. Your ability to add more woodworking projects to your collection will depend on your available time and knowledge.

Look around your house for a piece of furniture that you can add a shelf or drawer to. Then move on to another piece of furniture and add another shelf or drawer. You need to stick with one project at a time. You will be amazed at your growing collection of projects. Your collection will grow and continue to expand over time. Soon you’ll have enough projects to fill a large space in your garage or attic.

Get comfortable with your skills and begin a project using a piece of scrap lumber. You will be amazed at how easy these projects can be especially if you take your time with each step. The goal here is to complete one project a day. You may want to work on a chair or table today. Often your carpenter skills will have you a little quick and learning curve. You may need to take a class on fundamentals if you are new to the furniture making tools. Do not worry if you don’t become proficient in using a porter cable for laying out stain or for balancingiding strips. That is the benefit of using the tables you have. You can practice on wood and move on to the real table projects.

Once you have one basic project complete move on to part two of a series. It can be the dresser in the bedroom. Or the child’s desk if you can find one in the family room. It doesn’t matter what it is, a piece of furniture or even an organized kitchen. Have fun! As your project progresses like building a doll house, you will gain confidence. It can very well become a hobby that you can call your own. And you can always add more pieces to your collection. They always keep coming back in great style, they are durable and the price is right too. And you can always add to your collection without buying every new piece. Just add more pieces to what you already have and you should have the result of the project for many years. And now here is something you should consider.

I am a cabinet maker. It’s a craft and most of my kids have gone out to college. When I started building furniture I was the kid in the shop. In the early days we made a lot of mistakes and learned by trial and error. But we made a lot of money by making pieces for the cabinet makers. Some of my favorite projects for the cabinet makers were building cabinet doors. You could buy these for a few dollars and they were like a diamond. I remember with my brother how the cabinet makers would contract work out, Cry programs to carry the items but it was much cheaper to build cabinets especially kitchen cabinets. Several years later when I had enough money to buy my own cabinet maker I figured I could save a few dollars and build it fast. Don’t get caught up too often in going with the cabinet makers and never ending costs. There was a way that I could save money. At the end of the day you need to get the best quality for the amount you are willing to spend. That is what will make you happy, you saved money and it was done right.

So here are some tips for you to do the same thing a cabinet maker would do if he/she was building cabinet doors for cabinet. I’ll bet your looking for a cabinet door lately at your local home improvement centers. Start looking at the plastic cabinet doors that work. These are very popular for a reason. They work. The plastic cabinets are made of real solid wood cabinet doors. They will last a life time. But the key to them working right is the wood that is used to make them. Most of these doors will warp and twist over time. You want to be able to pick up the wood you are using and refinish them when needed. Most of the time this will not be done. This is where your going to be spending your money on. They simply do not have the wood stock channels. They have fixed channels instead. This will allow the cabinet maker to move the cabinet door over and over again. This will eliminate warping and bending the cabinets and save a good bit of money.