Home Woodworking Projects

Home woodworking projects could be a great way to relax in comfort, but still bring satisfaction out of your wood working craft. The most sought after home woodworking project would be a sturdy picnic table. On a proper project, it is important to follow a set of fundamental woodworking techniques for creating you own personalized picnic table.

The most important tool you will be needing is the gage of your picnic table. By this, I mean the dimensions of your table. Most folks swear by the 12-14 foot table, while others simply refer to it as up to what. The truth is that even people who use the term “purchase” table, means that they have done some sort of projects using them. Personally, I’ll never give up my kitchen table – my children did and it wasn’t a bed, either. I don’t have children, and I’ll soon see if they are crazy or they’re really having fun building their own picnic table.

You will also need basic carpentry tools, usually hand. Start with a hammer, a saw, level, a drill, most importantly a good set of blueprints. All of these tools contribute to great woodworking projects.

There are a number of styles of picnic tables available to the home builder today. A French picnic table, which usually forms the centerpiece of the dining area, is very simple to make. It consists of a rectangular table made of a quarter inch plywood, with one inch wooden slats on top.

True French style picnic tables, are very ornate, with curved legs and a plain top. These will be reinforced with additional legs for strength. A typical picnic table like this would have hardened marble instability and solid wood lucking wainscoting at the table edges, which enabled it to be joined to the supporting legs. This woodworking project will require a mortise and tenon ten swinging, edges and a top tenon. That’s a lot of detail.

The next style of picnic table is the Shaker style, which also incorporates design features similar to the French style picnic table. The Shaker picnic table is old andiness at heart. However, it is stunning. The solidity and simplicity of its design is made up for with a very creative work, befitting the name of the devout. The table consists of a straight box with one of two sides having a Low Black Mildew Resistant glaze. The whole table is covered with a layer of white smooth hardboard for aesthetic effect. The framework is held together with multiple wood dowels and glue.

There are also plain picnic tables that are commonly used for outdoor meals. These are less ornate, but still good for a family with a rumbling toddler. Pine picnic tables with an arched top are popular for this purpose. It lends itself to simple summertime dining, or for a gathering of families. Part of the charm of a pine picnic table is the looking, which is as though a work of art had been constructed, not just composed.

Looking for a truly out of the ordinary picnic table? The perfect one for your home workshop project could be a smoked glass table. The smoked effect causes an emission that appears as if the solid pine wood has been glowing with smoke. The entire table is made out of pine but the glass surface is made of glass. It’s an absolutely beautiful sight when finished with a few splashes of glitter.

No matter what the home woodworking project is, the woodworking tools are the key. Take your time choosing the right set of tools.