American Colonial Architecture

American Colonial Architecture

A journey through the U.S. will provide you sights of stunning
architecture, from coast to coast. Throughout the 1780’s.
the most popular style of architecture was the American.

Built primarily by abundant Anglo Americans, your homes.
handled a variety of special styles relying on local.
described as Colonial Georgian, these homes were the earliest.
style to grace the U.S. nests.

A prime example of early American Colonial architecture is.
called a Saltbox. What the Saltbox basically is a wood.
frame house with a high-pitched roof that slopes down to.
the back.

Its flat front has 2 stories while the back of your home.
has simply one, making the sides unequal, nevertheless significantly.
looking comparable to an old salt box which was a wood box.
with a cover which salt was kept.

A fundamental name for a standard style of home. Normally, the.
chimney was centrally located, making your home, from a.
variety, resemble a box with a cover and handle to raise it.

Other defining characteristics of American Colonial.
architecture are the square, well balanced shape, the front.
door placed directly in the middle of your homes front and.
the even, straight line of windows throughout.

Inside the front door are generally an entryway and a.
staircase. All areas branch off these. Typically they were.
constructed of brick with wood trim, nevertheless with homes like.
the Saltbox, they were similarly lumber frame homes constructed.
with woodworking joints rather of metal nails, thinking about that they.
were costly. Saltbox homes were similarly finished with wood.